Christmas Quiz 2020 Now Available!

As the song suggests “It’s the most wonderful time of the year”. Don’t miss out on people wanting to go out and enjoy the festivities, even with social distancing.

Christmas Quiz 2020 is now available. Quiz On Demand proudly present a 40 question themed Christmas quiz with a 20 question celebrity Santa Picture Quiz. It’s full of festive fun, self-contained and as always, not too hard. This quiz is great for a mixed crowd and very current. Many of the questions are relevant to the events taking place in the world right now. The Christmas themed quiz is perfect for your typical pub quiz night with enough content for the night. It features a hand-out picture round to get the party started followed by 40 festive questions – all brand new for 2020. The Christmas Quiz 2020 is ideal for all occasions which include:

  • Hosting a socially distanced Christmas Quiz in a pub, club bar or restaurant
  • A Zoom / online Christmas Quiz with friends and family
  • Christmas party in the office or Christmas day get together
  • PTA or charity fundraiser, etc.

This is all you need.

The quiz is all ready to download and print. Don’t waste your time trawling the net looking for free quiz content. They are all the same old, dull questions that crop-up year after year. Stick with Quiz On Demand. We have been compiling quality quiz material since the eighties and we know what works.

Coming soon, we have the ‘Review Of The Year 2020’, a 20 question famous faces picture quiz and a 40 question quiz covering all the highlights and lowlights of 2020. So keep that if mind for your end of year plans.

Click the link here for the Christmas Quiz Package 2020.

Fingers crossed as we head out of this mad year.

Happy Christmas Guys x

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