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It’s Wimbledon! and there’s is a fab Wimbledon themed quiz included this week. Welcome to WEEKLY BLOG, available online and as a pdf download that you can print and take with you. Packed with additional content to assist quiz hosts, DJs and presenters.

Mid-week football taking place this week

 Wed 10 July

8.00 Euro 24 Semi Finals


Wimbledon themed quiz

Each week there is a great themed quiz , so you can include an extra round or simply use as additional quiz content. The answers are on the PDF download, just click the download button at the bottom of this page.

1 Who is currently the Wimbledon Men’s Singles Champion going into this year’s event?

2 Wimbledon is the only tennis grand slam played on grass. True or false?

3 Who replaced Sue Barker as the BBC’s host of the Wimbledon  Championships?

4 Who won the Wimbledon Ladies Singles the most times during the 1990’s?

5 Which tennis star settled a legal case with a spectator he accused of being “drunk out of her mind” during the 2022 Wimbledon final?

6 What was introduced for the first time at the 1986 Wimbledon Tennis Championships, was it ball girls, serving speed recorder or yellow tennis balls?

7 Who won the Men’s Singles Title at Wimbledon seven times between 1993 and 2000?

8 How old was Boris Becker when he won his first Wimbledon Men’s Singles Title?

9 In addition to tennis, which sport is also featured in the official title of Wimbledon’s All-England Lawn Tennis Club?

10 Prior to Andy Murray, who was the last British player to win the Wimbledon Men’s Singles Title?

This week's favourite one-liner

There was an ABBA tribute band in town last week, they were so loud I could hear the drums from Nando’s.

This week in History

07 July 1928     Sliced bread was sold for the first time by the Chillicothe Baking Company of Missouri.
07 July 1947     The alleged UFO incident occurred at Roswell.|
07 July 1985     17 year old Boris Becker became the youngest male player ever to win Wimbledon.
07 July 1990     The first ‘Three Tenors’ concert featuring Plácido Domingo, José Carreras and Luciano Pavarotti took place at Baths of Caracalla in Rome. The recording went on to become the world’s best-selling classical album.
07 July 1990     Martina Navratilova won her record 9th Wimbledon singles title beating American Zina Garrison.
07 July 2005     The 7/7 terrorist bomb blasts hit London’s public transport system during the morning rush hour killing 52 and injuring 700.
07 July 2006     Pink Floyd founder Syd Barret died.
07 July 2022     Boris Johnson announced his resignation as leader of the Conservative Party.

08 July 1995     Steffi Graf beat Arantxa Sánchez Vicario of Spain to win her 6th Wimbledon singles title.
08 July 1996     Spice Girls released their debut single ‘Wannabe’.

09 July 1540     King Henry VIII annulled his marriage to his fourth wife, Anne of Cleves.
09 July 1877     The first ever Wimbledon tennis championship began. Men’s singles only.
09 July 1917     British battleship HMS Vanguard exploded at Scapa Flow with the loss of 804 lives.
09 July 1922     Johnny Weissmuller swam the 100m freestyle becoming the first to swim 100m in under a minute.
09 July 1981     Nintendo released the arcade game ‘Donkey Kong’.
09 July 1982     Michael Fagan broke into Buckingham Palace and entered the Queen’s bedroom.
09 July 2001     ‘The Office’ created by Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant, made its TV debut on BBC2.
09 July 2023     ‘Barbie’ starring Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling had its premier.

10 July 1553     Lady Jane Grey took the throne of England.
10 July 1913     The world’s official highest recorded temperature was recorded at 134 °F at Death Valley, California.
10 July 1971     Lee Trevino won the first of his consecutive Open Championships at the 100th British Open Men’s Golf, Royal Birkdale.10 July 1975     Cher filed for divorce from Gregg Allman just ten days after their marriage. They got back together but separated in 1977 and divorced in 1979.
10 July 1991     The South African cricket team was readmitted into the International Cricket Council following the end of Apartheid.
10 July 1991     Boris Yeltsin was sworn in as first elected President of the Russian Federation.

11 July 1899     Fiat founded by Giovanni Agnelli in Turin, Italy.
11 July 1900     Charlotte Cooper beat Hélène Prévost to become the first female Olympic tennis champion and the first individual female Olympic champion in any sport.
11 July 1960     ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’ by Harper Lee was first published.
11 July 1962     First transatlantic satellite television transmission.
11 July 1969     David Bowie released the single ‘Space Oddity’ nine days before Apollo 11 landed on the moon.
11 July 1979     The US space station, Skylab, crashed back to Earth over the Indian Ocean.
11 July 2010     Spain beat the Netherlands to win the 2010 FIFA World Cup.
11 July 2013     ‘Orange Is the New Black’ premiered on Netflix.

12 July 1543     King Henry VIII married his sixth and last wife, Catherine Parr.
12 July 1776     Captain James Cook began his third voyage.
12 July 1963     16 year old Pauline Reade disappeared becoming the first victim in the Moors murders.
12 July 1998     France won the FIFA World Cup beating Brazil, 3-0 in the final.

13 July 1919     The British airship R34 lands in Norfolk, England, completing the first airship return journey across the Atlantic in 182 hours of flight.
13 July 1923     The Hollywood Sign was built in the hills above LA, originally reading ‘Hollywoodland’.
13 July 1930     The first FIFA World Cup kicked-off in Uruguay.
13 July 1956     RCA released Elvis Presley’s single ‘Hound Dog’.
13 July 1962     Rolling Stones played their first live show at London’s Marquee Club.
13 July 1985     The Live Aid concerts took place in London and Philadelphia.
13 July 2016     David Cameron resigned as Prime Minister and was succeeded by Theresa May.

WHO’S CELEBRATING? This week’s birthdays

Giorgio Armani 90
Brock Lesnar 47
Harrison Ford 82
Patrick Stewart 84
Conor McGregor 36
Gareth Bale 35
Anne Hegerty 66
Will Ferrell 57

Angela Merkel 70
Tom Fletcher 39
Gino D’Acampo 48
Erno Rubik 80
Caroline Quentin 64
Courtney Love 60
Jack White 49
Lil Kim 50

Tony Cottee 59
Anna Friel 48
Gareth Gates 40
Luke Shaw 29
Konnie Huq  49
Trevor Horn 75
David Hasselhoff 72
Perrie Edwards 31

If you are compiling a quiz for a work group. Here are some great BLOG POSTS all about how to create work group quizzes with some great tricks and tips. Click on the pic below and have a read.

Team meeting


Here’s one that made me laugh but didn’t  make it onto this week’s quizzes and was left on the cutting room floor. (answer on the pdf download)

Why do hummingbirds hum?

Click below to download a PDF of this page.

Make sure to check back next week for a brand new Weekly Blog post. In the mean while check out this week’s quizzes. Brand new quiz content all ready to download and use on your quiz event.

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