Weekly Blog wk35 – includes a FREE Summer Holiday Quiz

This week there is FREE Summer Holiday themed quiz. Welcome to WEEKLY BLOG, available online and as a pdf download that you can print and take with you. Packed with additional content to assist quiz hosts, DJs and presenters.

Mid-week football taking place this week

Wed 30 Aug
8.00 PSV Eindhoven v Rangers

Thu 31 Aug
8.00 Aston Villa v Hibernian

Summer Holiday Quiz

Each week there is a great themed quiz , so you can include an extra round or simply use as additional quiz content. The answers are on the PDF download, just click the download button at the bottom of this page.

1      Which country is the top holiday destination for Brits holidaying abroad in 2023 according to ABTA?

2     In which seaside town did Billy Butlin open his first holiday camp in 1936?

3     In Greek mythology, which holiday island is the birthplace of the goddess of love, Aphrodite?

4     Which holiday island is home to the resort of Montego Bay?   

5     According to a recent survey, four in ten Brits take what type of bags with them on a holiday abroad?

5     According to a recent survey, four in ten Brits take what type of bags with them on a holiday abroad?   

6     The Greek island of Kerkira is better known by what name to the thousands of holiday makers who visit there each year?

7     The holiday resort of Salou is on which Spanish Costa?     

8     On which holiday island did two Boeing 747’s collide on the runway in 1977 in what became the world’s worst aviation disaster?

9     Which 1987 film was set in Kellerman’s Holiday Resort?

10    Which island would be your holiday destination if your luggage tag read IBZ?

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This week's favourite one-liner

An ice cream van crashed into the back of my car this week. Think I might have Mr. Whippylash.

This week in History

1715 King Louis XIV of France died after a 72 year reign.
1781 Los Angeles was founded as El Pueblo de Nuestra Senora La Reina de los Angeles.
1888 George Eastman patented the first roll-film camera & registered ‘Kodak’.
1897 Thomas Edison patented the Kinetoscope, the first movie projector.
1914 The last known passenger pigeon died in captivity in the Cincinnati Zoo.
1936 The RMS Queen Mary won the Blue Riband by setting the fastest transatlantic crossing.
1939 Britain and France declared war on Germany following the invasion of Poland.
1940 Laurence Olivier married Vivien Leigh.
1950 Giuseppe “Nino” Farina won the inaugural Formula 1 World Drivers Championship.
1958 Cliff Richard released his debut single ‘Move It’ with The Drifters.

1964 Scotland’s Forth Road Bridge was officially opened.
1966 The Beatles played their last gig before paying fans at Candlestick Park in San Francisco.
1968 The Beatles released ‘Hey Jude’ the first single on their Apple label.
1971 Qatar became an independent state.
1972 Mark Spitz became the first competitor to win seven medals at a single Olympic Games.
1997 Princess Diana died following a car crash in a road tunnel in Paris.
1997 Netflix was launched as an internet DVD rental service.
1998 Google was founded by Larry Page and Sergey Brin, two students at Stanford University.
2003 Charles Bronson died.
2006 Steve Irwin died.
2010 Cheryl Cole divorced Ashley Cole after 3 and a half years.
2014 Joan Rivers died.

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WHO’S CELEBRATING? This week’s birthdays

Lenny Henry 65
Liam Payne 30
Cameron Diaz 51
Richard Gere 74
Gloria Estefan 66
Barry Gibb 77
Thomas Tuchel 50
Dr Phil 73
Romeo Beckham 21

Ruud Gullit 61
Keanu Reeves 59
Charlie Sheen 58
Gareth Southgate 53
Beyonce 42
Lennox Lewis 58
Shania Twain 58
Debbie Gibson 53
Daniel Sturridge 34

Tom Watson 74
Mark Ronson 48
James Bay 33
Jack Black 54
LeAnn Rimes 41
Florence Welch 37
Jason Priestley 54
Valtteri Bottas 34


Here’s a question that made me laugh but didn’t  make it onto this week’s quizzes and was left on the cutting room floor. (answer on the pdf download)

Which Sophie Ellis Bextor song is about a man who was killed at the home of a French footballer?

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