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Check this! There is a FREE St Andrew’s Day themed quiz on this week’s Weekly Blog. Click Here.

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The best, fun pub quiz questions and quiz games on the net. We write and produce eight great pub quizzes every week. This week’s quizzes are ready to download and print RIGHT NOW! You can buy a one-off quiz package made-up of any of our great weekly quizzes or subscribe to a 13-week package and save a few pounds. Instantly available to download and no emails to wait for. You simply print your quiz package straight from this website.

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The pub quiz questions are fun and suit a mixed crowd.

The ever-popular Table Top quiz hand-out rounds, gets your quiz night off to a great start. They include Catchphrase and Spellbound each week, and features Dead or Alive, Our Survey Said…, Mystery Year and Chart Toppers on alternate weeks.

We also have the popular Face Race picture quiz, that always goes down a treat.

All the quizzes are written and produced each week, so they are fresh and bang up to date.

If you are thinking pub quiz questions and quiz games think Quiz On Demand.

Also a fab range of themed quizzes packages, that includes a 40 question quiz and a 20 question picture quiz round. COMING SOON… a healthy selection of 20 question themed rounds.

This week's quiz questions


This Week's Table-Top Quizzes


One-Off Individual Themed Quiz Packages


The Pop Bingo Quiz is a new fun, easy and engaging round for your pub quiz or alternatively a whole new night. It’s BINGO with singers and bands replacing the numbers. Each player or team is given a bingo-style sheet on which are the names of 20 artists. The DJ/quiz host plays from a list of 50 selected songs. Players then simply mark off the artists as they hear them. Play for a line and then a full house. Custom build your Pop Bingo sheets to suit your players, their age groups and their musical ability. Great fun for everyone. Click below and head over the the POP BINGO page.


BLOG Posts

CHECK OUT the WEEKLY BLOG – Available online and as a pdf download that you can print and take with you. Packed with additional content to assist quiz hosts, DJs and presenters. This week’s birthdays, featured weekly quiz, mid-week sport, this week in history, and some of the fab quiz questions that didn’t make it onto this week’s quizzes. A regular source of weekly content and I’m sure it will grow into your must-have quiz companion.

Weekly Blog

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Weekly Blog wk48 – includes a FREE St Andrew’s themed quiz

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