Pub Quiz Questions

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Types of pub quizzes

There are multiple different types of pub quizzes, from your classic Q&A, to music rounds, picture rounds and tabletop games. Using unique types of quizzes can keep people entertained and ensure that you host a successful pub quiz night

Weekly, up-to-date quizzes

Our quizzes are refreshed weekly and always provide up to date, current, topical questions. Always fresh, always new; make your pub the place to be for quiz nights.

Table-top Quizzes

Our unique tabletop quiz games are games that are commonly played on a flat surface, such as the top of a table. Catchphrase and Spellbound feature each week, with the other games alternating between Our Survey Said…, Mystery Year, Anagrams, Chart Toppers, Think Link, Dead or Alive and so on!

Pop Bingo

Pop Bingo is a new fun, easy and engaging round for your pub quiz. It’s simple, just standard Bingo with singers and bands replacing the numbers – DJs play songs (can throughout the night!) and teams mark off what they hear!

Themed Quizzes

Want to host a themed pub quiz night? We have all you need, from Christmas and Halloween quizzes to DisneySports and Pictures!

How Quiz on Demand pub quizzes work

At Quiz on Demand, we provide weekly, top-quality, fresh quizzes so that you can run fun, hassle-free pub events. 

We provide the option to buy one off quizzes, or you can save money and subscribe for a 13-week package and cover yourself for a regular quiz! You can customise your quizzes, from 20 to 40 questions. 

You can either:

  • Download your quiz as a PDF
  • Download and print as many quiz sheets and answer sheets as you need

Then, the rest is down to hosting!


Themed Quizzes

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Themed Quizzes

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