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Answer Sheet 20 + 20


Answer Sheet 40 in Rounds


Answer Sheet 40


Answer Sheet – KwizGo


Answer Sheet – Bingo Quiz


Answer Sheet – One Minute Quiz


Answer Sheet – Blockbusters


Answer Sheet – Blockbusters (20 sheets)


Sample – Face Race


Sample -MegaQuiz


Sample – Pop Quiz


Sample – Sports Quiz


Sample – Table Top Quiz


Today, quizzing has taken a significant role in keeping most of us busy and entertained. Given that the UK and most other nations have been in lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic, most quizzers are looking for different ways to pass the time. The good news is that Quiz On Demand offers us the best free pub quiz questions and answers when we run out of questions.


Why should you use Free Pub Quiz Questions and Answers?

Well, there are plenty of benefits you will get by using this form of entertainment, no matter where you are. They include;

  • Informing and Educating

The questions and answers asked often cover a full scope of life aspects. To clarify, quizzes concerning geography, history, sports, music, and many others can be requested. As a result, we get rich information that, in turn, educates us.

  • Entertainment

Quizzing can never be boring! It makes us laugh due to the funny answers we give. Additionally, they allow us to compete amongst ourselves and determine the winner who gave the right answers.

  • Enhances critical thinking

Since responses to questions need to be made within a short time, we quickly get to think for the most probable answers. Therefore, quizzers learn and develop critical thinking skills, which are essential to our daily life situations.

  • Testing our knowledge on general issues

Quizzes are all about determining how much info we know in general. Most of the questions probably involve aspects we already came across. Therefore, answering them will enable you to test your knowledge and understanding of various topics.

Benefits of Choosing Quiz On Demand

 As one of the leading providers of pub quiz question and answer sheets in the UK, we offer the following benefits;

  1. Wide coverage of information

At Quiz On Demand, you will get easy questions covering an extensive range of aspects. For instance, you will get a Bingo quiz, sports, Face Race, Table Top, Mega, and Pop quizzes. Therefore, every quizzer can obtain what they desire with ease. Besides, quizzes from the past years are provided for your entertainment; a good example is the 2019 quiz.

  1. Downloadable quiz questions and answer sheets

Other websites provide questions and answers for use only on their platforms. Forget all that as we allow you to download your favorite quizzes inform of PDFs. As such, you can comfortably use even when you go offline.

  1. Free to download quiz questions and answer sheets

Another big plus with Quiz On Demand is that downloads for pub quiz questions and answers offered for download are entirely free. Besides, no registration or deposit fees are required.

  1. Reliable

Our experts consistently add new and up-to-date quizzes, questions, and answer. You can thus get the latest quizzes in PDF format.

To sum up, quizzing has never been this easy with Quiz On Demand. We offer an exclusive range of free quiz questions and answers to suit your desires. Above all, we ensure that all the quizzers get educated, informed and, most importantly, entertained in the best way possible.