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Quiz On Demand are pleased to offer you and your team with some free fun pub quiz questions and answers to try. Yes, that’s correct – all the below quizzes and answer sheets are completely free to download and require no registration or deposits. Just click to download and enjoy!!

Free fun pub quiz questions and answers are available right now. These are samples of each of our weekly pub quizzes available to download for free and ‘try before you buy’. They all have current content and show-off our unique style of writing quiz questions that has kept Quiz On Demand your number one choice for pub quiz questions for over thirty years.

Here’s some great FREE content which you can find EVERY WEEK. They are available online and as a PDF download which you can print and take anywhere with you. The fun quiz questions are packed with additional content to assist quiz hosts, DJs and presenters. There’s a featured quiz, this week’s birthdays, mid-week sport, this week in history and some of the fab quiz questions that didn’t make it onto this week’s quizzes. It’s a regular source of weekly content for you and I’m sure it will grow into your must-have quiz companion. Take a look at our weekly quizzes here.

Free fun pub quiz questions and answers available on the internet are not generally regarded as a reliable source of content for your weekly pub quiz. They are often dated and contain your typical pub quiz book questions shared and shared again many times over the years. Instead quiz hosts who present popular weekly pub quizzes will always opt for a current reliable source of paid for quiz questions and quiz games.

For just a few pounds you can save all the hassle of scouring the internet each week for free fun pub quiz questions and answers, knowing what you are downloading is current, well-written and suits your purpose.

You can buy and download top quality quiz content for your pub quizzes each week or save a few pounds with a 13 week subscription. It’s as easy as logging in and clicking print.

The Megaquiz is a weekly quiz available as a 20 or 40 question version. We recently introduced the Easy Peasy Quiz, that better suits family or work based  quizzes.

There are also free samples of our popular TABLE TOP QUIZ for you to download for free and try before you buy. These are always a firm favourite among your quiz night faithful, teams love them and we produce three new Table Top quizzes each week. Similar to the Table Top Quiz is out Face Race Picture Quiz, featuring 12 licensed photos with 20 who? what? where? when? type of questions. Once again it is self-contained you simply print them off and hand them out.

Our Table Top quizzes and Face Race Picture Quiz are all a great introductions to your pub quiz night, they help create earlier trade as you just let your teams get on with working out the answers before starting on the questions.

To clarify, ‘try before you buy’. You are more than welcome to download the free pub quiz questions and answers sheets and use them on your pub quiz nights.

In addition to our weekly quiz material are themed quizzes cover all the main events, from Christmas, Halloween, St George’s Day, St Pat’s Day, July 4th, and Revue of the Year to name a few.

As well as the Free Pub Quiz Questions and Answers are a number of free answer sheets for your quiz team to write their answers. 20 questions, 40 questions 40 questions and a music round. There are also the ever popular Kwizgo answer sheet, Bingo Quiz and Blockbuster Quiz answer sheets all free to download and use on your pub quiz nights.

To sum up, Quiz on Demand really is the one-stop shop for all your weekly pub quiz needs. Please enjoy using the free pub quiz questions and answers available on this page and I’m sure you will find that Quiz On Demand will soon become a welcomed and trusted addition to your weekly pub quiz.

So if you’re a seasoned professional Pub Quiz Question host, a quizzical enthusiast or you just want to see what we do, please do download and share.

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Answer Sheet 20 + 20


Answer Sheet 40 + 10 Music Round


Answer Sheet 40


Answer Sheet – KwizGo


Answer Sheet – Bingo Quiz


Answer Sheet – One Minute Quiz


Answer Sheet – Blockbusters


Answer Sheet – Blockbusters (20 sheets)


Sample – Face Race Picture Quiz


Sample -MegaQuiz


Sample – Table Top Quiz