How to Host a Halloween Quiz Night

Halloween quiz

Halloween is one of the most exciting nights of the year for many. From fancy dress costumes to themed food, it is a great way to entice people to participate in a themed quiz night. 


Planning the whole event and making the quiz may be quite time consuming, which is why at Quiz on Demand, we’ve created this easy guide below to make sure your Halloween quiz night is super spooky, yet still extremely fun.


Should you host a quiz at Halloween?

Many people love Halloween and everything to do with it, so hosting a Halloween quiz is a great idea. 


If you regularly host quizzes, throwing in a Halloween themed quiz in October is a great way to break things up from your standard type of questions. Even if you want to keep the same rounds, such as music or entertainment, you can very easily alter them to be Halloween specific. 


Plus, hosting a Halloween quiz is a great way to get people excited for the holiday, especially if your quiz ties in with other spooky themed events at your chosen venue. 



Hosting a Halloween night at your pub

Halloween is the perfect opportunity to drive new customers through your doors, excite the locals and change up the general atmosphere. We’ve listed some of our top tips below on how to host a halloween night at your pub. 


Decide on the event 

There are a number of different Halloween events you could host at your pub, from fancy dress competitions to spooky karaoke nights. However, one of the most popular events is a Halloween themed quiz night. 


If you regularly host quizzes at your pub, you will likely be well versed in gathering pub quiz questions. All you need to do to make it Halloween themed is grab the Halloween quiz package from us, which includes 40 questions and 20 ‘celebrity zombies’ picture quiz questions too!

It’s as simple as buy, download and print. No fuss, no repeats, just a fun and easy, Halloween-themed quiz ready for your night, so you can focus on organising, promoting and decorating instead!


The Halloween Quiz Package is all you need for a spooktacular Halloween themed event, whether it’s a pub quiz, charity fundraiser, work groups, coach trips or a creepy night in to die for. It’s not too tough and good for Zombies of all ages.


Decide how to host 

A big part of halloween is the costume and fancy dress element, and this can determine how you want to host your night.. 


Will you have a themed costume party? This is a great opportunity to build excitement and encourage your staff to get involved too. If you are encouraging people to wear fancy dress, you could tie this into a separate competition for best dressed. This is one way to build the excitement around the quiz too. 


If you are hosting, are you going to take on a character yourself? Taking on the persona of a famous Halloween character is another great way to build the spooky atmosphere.


Alter your food and drink menu 

This doesn’t need to be a huge change to your menu, you could simply just change the names of items or have a few special options. Some breweries release spooky versions of their ales and release special additions that include Halloween related flavours, such as pumpkin.


If you serve cocktails at your bar, you could change the menu for the night focusing around spooky cocktails, such as Bloody Marys and Zombies. 


Promote the night 

Social media is one of the best ways to get your event out there in the public eye. Your pub regulars may already be following your social media (if you use any), but making a Facebook event is a useful way to spread the word further. 


When you set up an event on Facebook, people can mark whether they are going to attend or not, as well as tagging people in the event to share with others. 


You can read our dedicated guide on how to promote your pub quiz for more useful tips and tricks. 


Advertise in person

Advertising your event in person is one of the easiest ways to spread the word about your Halloween event. Putting posters up around your pub is a great way to attract people and you can put them up practically anywhere from tables, walls, outside spaces and in toilets. 


At Quiz on Demand, we have a free poster making tool, all you need to do is add your event details and print as many as you need. 


Promote the prize

No matter what your prize is going to be, you should always promote it. Whether it is the total entrance amount, a bar tab or some sort of Halloween inspired prize, you should be shouting about it as much as you can. 


Add the prize onto your social posts and posters around your bar as this may encourage more people to participate. 


Take bookings for tables 

To ensure you get a good amount of people coming to your Halloween night, it’s a good idea to take bookings for tables. This can really help to create a buzz around the event, and it will give you peace of mind knowing people have committed to showing up. 


What are some good Halloween trivia questions?


The list of Halloween questions you could create are endless, but it’s a good idea to narrow them down into specific topics.


For example, you could have a specific music round that is dedicated to music from Halloween and horror films. An easy example of this is by playing music from iconic movie scenes, such as when Jaws attacks or the famous Norman Bates shower scene in Psycho. Your participants can then guess which famous film the music is from. 


Other good trivia questions include those which focus around the history of Halloween, weird laws associated with Halloween and of course classic monster fables and legends.


At Quiz on Demand, we have our own Halloween Spooktacular Quiz that is full of unique and challenging questions that will have your participants scratching their heads, whilst still being in the spooky spirit. 


Our 40 question quiz (and 20 picture questions!) is the perfect length for your quiz night. Your quiz teams will be kept busy throughout the night, yet will still feel energised for any other Halloween themed activities you have for them after the quiz.

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