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At Quiz On Demand, we have a selection of themed quizzes to choose from. If you’re struggling for quiz ideas, we have the answers!


themed quiz ideas

Everyone loves a good quiz, they are the perfect way to get the family together and unite them with some friendly competition. Plus they are great for providing some intellectual stimulation to an evening. You may be surprised how many random facts your friends and family know when put to the test. So, when you are planning your next get together why not take advantage of some of the fantastic themed quizzes we have available?

Alternatively, if you are organising a pub quiz, our themed quiz products have some excellent suggestions for pub quiz themes that you should definitely consider. Our 2020 Review Quiz Package is a fantastic way to reflect on the events of last year – reminding everyone of what happened in such an important time for the UK and throughout the rest of the world. Plus, these questions are also likely to spark some meaningful conversations and debates. Halloween is not just for kids. Why not spend this Halloween hosting a sophisticated costumed quiz night? You will be surprised to hear some of the interesting and spooky facts from this fun and mysterious set of questions.

When is the most popular time of year for most families to get together? That’s right – it’s at Christmas! Our Christmas Quiz 2020 question selection has got you and your family covered this winter. Instead of the usually bloated snooze after your next Christmas dinner, why not take this chance to get your family competing on an intellectual level? You may be surprised by how exciting a bit of friendly competition can be.

How much do you really know about the most English of holidays St. George’s Day? Well, find out the truth behind the myth of this prolific dragon-slaying knight and learn some interesting facts along the way. With our quiz you are sure to make your next year’s St. George’s Day a day to remember. Make your family green with envy when you defeat them with your superior knowledge of St. Patrick’s Day. Or, why not crack open a few pints of Guinness with your friends and work through what is sure to be an intriguing dive into such an important part of Irish culture.The choice is yours, just remember themed quiz round ideas promise that the quiz night experience will leave you and your friends feeling a little more knowledgeable about some of life’s most interesting cultural moments.

Themed Quizzes For Everyone

Nowadays, themed quiz events have become a very popular alternative to the routine pub quiz. The attraction of a themed quiz night is that they offer an entertaining and fun night out for all the family or friends while testing your knowledge in one of life’s most enjoyable past times. Themed quiz nights are also a brilliant icebreaker for any social event or party. Themed quizzes are a fun way to learn about the world we live in and they also make for an entertaining evening out with friends. The options of themes are available to suit all people and groups of people.

So there we have it – some great pub quiz themes to consider or themed quizzes to use in your next get-together. We hope you found what you are looking for, but if you need some more great quiz question ideas, why not check out the free quiz questions and free quiz downloads we have one offer? You can also give our quiz specialists a call on 0161 950 2823 or email with any enquiries.