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How to stop the same old winning team

Oh No! Not the same old winning team? Quiz Night is a great way to attract a regular audience, but having the same winning team every week is a real spoiler.  There is nothing more demoralising for your quiz teams than seeing the same few teams winning week in and week out. Does your pub […]

How to Make a Pub Quiz Easier

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Hosting a pub quiz is a great way to encourage more people to visit your venue; however, this will only work if you have an interesting quiz! Finding the balance between tricky quiz questions and super simple ones can be difficult, which is why at Quiz on Demand, we’ve created the guide below on making […]

How to Promote your Pub Quiz Night

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Starting up a new quiz night? Here are our top tips on how to promote your pub quiz night.    Do you need to market a pub quiz? Yes, we highly suggest marketing your pub quiz, especially if it is your first time running one.  Marketing your quiz might seem hard, but it is easier […]