Blockbusters Quiz Sheets

Does your pub quiz suffer from “the same winning team every week” syndrome? Here’s a great idea that will cut that out straight away. Simply replace your regular quiz answer sheets with our Blockbusters Quiz sheets. Add a little randomness and watch the magic happen. Even the teams that don’t normally finish close, will be in with a chance of winning.

The host reads out the questions as normal. Teams write their answers in the boxes on the left, then again on the blockbusters board. After all 20 questions have been called, teams to tear-off the slip on the left and hand it in to the host. This is to cut out cheating and the host holds a copy of the teams answers before the game starts.

Blockbuster quiz sheets
Blockbusters Quiz Sheet

The host calls the answers in random order. The winner is the first team to make a connection of correct answers across the blockbusters board. (from left to right)

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Three games of Blockbusters makes for a great fun quiz night. Don’t forget to take breaks between each round to keep the bar busy, then hand out more blockbusters quiz sheets for the next game. Using the 40 question megaquiz is good for two rounds of Blockbusters. You can event use one of the table top quizzes as a third round.

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Replace you andwersheet with the Blockbusters Quiz Sheets. Great fun for everyone, and because an element of chance has been added, event the team that never win are in with a chance.

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Add a little randomness and watch the magic happen – Everyone has a chance of winning .


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