How To Host A Virtual Pub Quiz

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What apps can you use to host a virtual pub quiz?

There are several video conferencing apps that you can use to host your virtual pub quiz. Find one that is compatible with a variety of devices. Some good options are:

How do you present a virtual pub quiz?

If you’re playing with a group of people who may not know each other, start by introducing yourself and asking the participants to briefly introduce themselves as well. Then you can move on to explaining how to play the game. Ideally, your pub quiz should be presented in rounds. For example, you might like to ask 10 questions per round with an elimination at the end of the round. If you’d like to do themed quizzes, you can also start the round by presenting a scenario relevant to the theme.

What type of questions should be included in the quiz?

Chose an array of topics with a mixture of general knowledge and specialist questions and ensure that your questions and answers are based on facts. Form your questions to be closed-ended so that the correct answer can be given in as few words as possible. Or, simply Shop for exciting holiday themed quizzes, pop and table top quizzes online.

When should you have your virtual pub quiz?

To avoid interruptions during the game, schedule the quiz to take place at a suitable time and inform your participants beforehand. Split the game into rounds of themed quizzes and set aside time for participants to take a break between rounds.

How do you keep score and determine the winners?

Scorekeeping is straightforward, but to keep the game interesting and promote healthy competition, you can you can have the participants work in groups or pairs, until a they reach a certain round, where it then becomes an individual competition. Ideally, every participant should have an opportunity to answer the same number of questions and you should have one clear winner – the person with the highest number of points. If you’re playing with friends, bragging rights may be enough, but if the pub quiz is something you want to introduce in your workplace, offering prizes for the winners can encourage participation.