‘Pop Bingo’ has landed

If you are looking for a new, fun way to play Bingo at your next pub quiz or just want something really different and engaging then we have the perfect game. Instead of numbers on cards like in traditional bingo players listen out for artists as they hear them instead. The DJ/host will pick 50 songs from our list so that there is no chance anyone misses one. If they can’t remember who sings what song it’s easy because each artist has their own page with all the information about them including links to videos! So get ready to create some unique sheets that suit not only your taste in music but also age groups and musical ability too! Custom build your own Pop Bingo sheet based on whether it’s appropriate for people who are young, old, musically inclined. Simply make your choice and click the link to ‘Create’ it.

Click the following link to to create and order your Pop Bingo sheets.

And don’t forget your FREE posters to promote your Pop Bingo night.

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