‘Pop Bingo’ has landed

A new fun, easy and engaging round for your pub quiz or alternatively a whole new Pop Bingo night. It’s BINGO with singers and bands replacing the numbers. Each player/team is given a bingo-style sheet on which are the names of 20 artists. The DJ/quiz host plays from a list of 50 selected songs, the players simply mark-off the artists as they hear them. Play for a line and then a full house. Custom build your Pop Bingo sheets to suit your players, their age groups and their musical ability. Great fun for everyone. See below for more info. Ready to create your unique Pop Bingo sheets? Just make your selection and click the ‘Create’ button.

Click the following link to to create and order your Pop Bingo sheets.

And don’t forget your FREE posters to promote your Pop Bingo night.

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