Best Quizzes for your Next Student Night

Looking for some inspiration for your next student quiz night? Don’t worry, at Quiz on Demand, we’ve created a handy guide on the best quizzes for student quiz nights. 

Whether you’re hosting in person or online, Quiz On Demand has got you covered. 


What do you need to host a student quiz night?

Besides from the quiz itself, there are a few other pieces of material and equipment that you will need to host a student quiz night. Some of the most common items you will need include:

  • Quiz sheets and pens for answering questions
  • Sound equipment, like microphones and speakers (depending on if you are using a venue, and how big the venue is)
  • Questions and answers for yourself, or for the quiz host
  • Answer sheets 
  • Bonus round structures and tie break questions 
  • Prizes 

These items may vary depending on how many people will be attending your quiz, the size of the venue you’re in and the structure of your quiz. 


How many questions should be in a quiz night?

A good student quiz should have around 4 to 6 rounds, with 10 or so questions in each round, including a mixture of different rounds. 

If you have too many rounds, participants may end up losing interest in the quiz, especially if there is a limited number of breaks. 

We suggest sticking to between 40 – 50 questions with a break at the halfway point so participants can go to the toilet or get some more drinks.

We have another blog on different quiz round ideas to inspire you for your quiz night, so check it out for more guidance!


How do you keep scores at a student quiz night?

Keeping scores at a student quiz night can be tricky, especially if there are more than 10 teams. If you choose to score manually after each round, it can be boring and time consuming, meaning participants may not want to join in on future quizzes. 

Instead, consider using the teams themselves to score each other’s answers. You could either do this after each round, or after the whole quiz. This is really up to your own personal preferences of how you want the night to flow. 

Simply have your teams swap their answer sheets with the closest team next to them, and then proceed to read the answers aloud. Once the teams have finished scoring the answers, have your teams take back their own sheets. 

If you choose to do this after each round, you can have your teams shout their mark out, or hand them in to yourself, and then fill out a score sheet to keep track.

If you decide to mark all the rounds at the end, have your teams bring their answer sheets back to you once they’ve been marked by another team. From here, you can quickly determine who has the most points, and therefore won the quiz. 


Best types of quizzes for students

When you’re creating a student quiz, it’s a good idea to make the quiz slightly more engaging than the traditional quiz style. 

With quizzes from Quiz on Demand, the time-consuming work of sourcing your own range of quiz questions has been done by us – you can simply hit the buy and download button, print your quizzes and get started!

Listed below are some popular topics to base your student quiz on:

Picture quizzes

Picture quizzes are great interactive quizzes, since all you need to do is print off a sheet with pictures on or show them on a screen. This kind of quiz is ideal for keeping your players’ attention throughout the night, since they will need to focus on the screen or pieces of paper.

There are a number of topics to choose from that would appeal to a student audience including celebrities, TV and film, pop culture and much more. 


Music quizzes

Get your audience participation at a high by testing your students’ knowledge on popular songs. A music quiz is the perfect way to lift the vibe in your venue, whether that’s a student union, a pub or at your own student house. You could focus your rounds on a variety of different genres, decades or even artists.

To make the quiz, play the start of a song for a few seconds and ask the players to guess the song title, artist’s name or the first lyrics to the song. Make sure not to tell the players the name of the song!


Table top quizzes

A way to keep your students’ brains ticking throughout the night are table-top quiz questions. A good table-top quiz will keep your teams busy throughout the night, especially between rounds as they try and figure out the answer. 

Common table top quizzes include things such as anagrams, word puzzles, cryptic messages and other brain teasers. 


Pop bingo quizzes

Pop bingo quizzes make great quiz rounds, or even a whole quiz night. It is basically bingo, but the numbers are replaced with singers and bands. Each player is given a bingo-sheet with 20 artists. 

The DJ then plays from a list of 50 selected songs and players mark off the artists from their sheet as they hear them, playing for a line or a full house. This is a great way to get contestants’ mood lifted, while keeping the competitive nature of a quiz. 


At Quiz On Demand, we create and provide high quality quiz questions and answers, ideal for student quiz nights. 

We have a variety of different quizzes to choose from, allowing you to be head and shoulders above your competitors thanks to our reliably sourced questions.

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