Simple Quizzes for Pubs and Bars

If you’re looking for some inspiration for a simple quiz night at your pub or bar, look no further. At Quiz on Demand, we have a great selection of different quizzes to choose from. 


What are the most popular pub quiz questions?

Some of the most popular pub quiz questions vary across a number of topics. Many pubs choose to have quite general quizzes, focusing on a variety of different topics per round.

In general, the type of questions that participants enjoy the most are ones which are based on a mix of general knowledge, pop culture and other wider areas. For example, some popular questions could be based on:

  • Sport
  • Entertainment 
  • History
  • Music 
  • General knowledge

How do you make a good pub quiz?

When you’re making a pub quiz, try to stray away from making the questions and topics too niche. This can be great if you’re doing a themed night, but for a general pub quiz, it may not work too well. 

For example, if you choose to do a sport round, make sure you include a variety of different sports; don’t just focus on one. 

For more inspiration on what topics to choose, head over to our dedicated guide on how to pick a theme for your pub quiz. 


How to keep a pub quiz simple

To keep a pub quiz simple, you should plan everything out in advance.

Start by deciding how many rounds you want, and how many questions you want in each round. In general, simple pub quizzes will have 5-6 rounds with 10 questions in each round. Try not to do too many elaborate or interactive rounds to keep it easy for yourself, and of course take a break between each round to keep the bar busy.

You can just use sheets of paper with the questions on for teams to answer on, or alternatively, you can have sheets with the question numbers on and you can read the questions out loud. 

At Quiz on Demand, all you have to do is buy your desired quiz/zes, download them and print them off for your teams. Easy!

To keep marking super simple, have your teams swap sheets and announce the answers round by round. You can then collect in the marked sheets and very quickly find the winning quiz team. 


Best quiz rounds for pubs and bars

Listed below are some of the best rounds for quiz nights at pubs and bars, but if you need more inspiration, check out our top quiz round ideas. 

Music round 

A really simple round to do is a music round. All you need to do is play a song for the first 10 seconds and have your participant guess the song name and artist. However, beware, as apps like Shazam can identify a singer and song within a few seconds so be strict about the use of mobile phones.

Alternatively, you could play the start of the song and make your contestants guess the first lyric. 


Pop Bingo round 

At Quiz on Demand, we have our own ‘Pop Bingo’ quiz builder that allows you to customise bingo sheets to suit your players, their ages and their musical abilities. 

This type of round can prevent the same teams from winning every week.


Picture rounds 

Another easy round which requires minimal input from you are picture rounds. All you need to do is print images of specific topics, like celebrities, and let your contestants answer who the celebrities are on the same sheet. 

Our Face Race quizzes are really popular and always go down well at a classic pub quiz.


Table top quizzes

If you want a round that doesn’t require much of your assistance, table top quizzes are a great option. These rounds will keep your teams busy throughout the night, and they can be referred back to between other rounds. 

Some popular table top quizzes include Catchphrase, Dead or Alive, Mystery Year, Anagrams and so on to keep your teams guessing.

At Quiz on Demand, we have a wide range of different quizzes available that are ideal for a simple quiz night at your pub or bar! Just purchase, download and print – simple!