Guide To Playing Pop Quiz Bingo

What Is POP Bingo?

Pop Bingo is an exciting way to create a fun-filled, engaging game for your pub quiz event or alternatively, a whole new night. It’s Bingo but with singers and bands replacing the numbers. The host/DJ simply plays a selection of songs and POP Bingo teams mark them off on their POP Bingo board.

How do you play POP Bingo?

For detailed instructions, please click on the following link for how to play Pop Bingo.

How to order your POP Bingo sheets.

Depending on the crowd at your pub quiz event, the Pop Bingo sheets are in different age group categories. These include ‘Older’, ‘Younger’ or ‘Mixed’ age groups as well as ‘Decades.’ You can also choose ‘more obscure artists’ if your crowd are more music savvy. Here are the options explained.


Select the age group to best suit your overall audience.


Select the decade/s to include in your selection to best suit your overall audience.


Select Yes if your audience are more music savvy. Select No, if not.


All depends on the numbers playing, each POP Bingo sheet is unique. So select the number of sheets for the number of people expected.


1 for adding a round of Pop Bingo to your quiz night or 2 or 3 for a whole POP Bingo Night.

Ideal for fundraising events
The Pop Bingo quiz is a great idea for a fundraising occasion. Donations can be asked for as prizeswith the Pop Bingo sheets sold to generate the funds. This makes a fun, memorable and enjoyable evening with some funds raised for a great cause. Different quantities of Bingo sheets can be chosen for each game to suit the different sizes of the crowd and it is possible to have up to 3 games per individual sheet. Pop Bingo is good fun for everyone and makes a new type of night out. Pop Bingo sheets can be customised to best match your audience and participants.

POSTERS to promote your Pop Bingo Night

Don’t forget your FREE posters to promote your night, right here on the Quiz On Demand website. Print A4 or A3.

Can you play Pop Bingo on Zoom, Teams, Facebook Rooms, etc.?

Pop Bingo is one of the best games to play online on a conferencing platform like, Zoom, Teams, Facebook Rooms, etc. All you need to do is make sure you’re  players have a Pop Bingo sheet generated by the Quiz On Demand website and off you go. Since there isn’t any physical activity involved, it is perfect for playing online.

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