Pubs Reopening in the UK

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UK Pubs Reopen on 4th July after 3 Months Closure

We’ll be welcomed back to UK pubs under social distancing rules, so what will a visit to your local look like?

Since March 20th, pubs across the UK had been forced to shut their doors due to the Covid-19 outbreak and enforced lockdown. Finally, after 3 long months, Prime Minister Boris Johnson has confirmed that pubs, restaurants and cafes in England can reopen on Saturday, 4th July.

Here’s a little of what you can expect:

Social distancing is still in force so your local pub isn’t likely to feel packed. You may be required to ring ahead to book a table, and outside areas will be encouraged to be used. We’ll still need to exercise caution and remain at least ‘1-metre plus’ apart. The pubs will be thoroughly cleaned and we’ll see the usage of disposable menus, plastic cutlery, and condiments in sachets rather than shared bottles. Pubs will be offering table service to avoid too many people frequenting the bar and touching common areas. To enable contact tracing we’ll be asked to give our details to the venue should we come into contact with anyone who subsequently tests COVID-positive. And of course, we’ll be reminded to keep washing our hands.

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