How To Make A Good Pub Quiz

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Pub quizzes are a great way to attract people to your venue, and they provide a fun outlet for groups of friends and families. For many venues, the pub quiz is the main attraction that keeps people coming back. 

The good news is, you do not need to be a professional to come up with a well-crafted pub quiz. At Quiz on Demand, we create a variety of different rounds and themes perfect for your next pub quiz. 


What does a good pub quiz need to include?

A good pub quiz should be exciting, fast paced and slightly challenging. Your quiz should include a range of different questions on varying topics, with different types of rounds being used throughout. 

The last thing you want during your quiz is to have bored contestants, which is why you need to have a range of different questions and rounds that will appeal to a mix of people. You can do this by having a different theme for the round. Ideally, you should have 5-6 rounds with around 10 questions in each round. 


Common themes for pub quizzes

There are a countless number of quiz themes you could have for your pub quiz, but some of the most common include:

  • Sports themed, either general or about a specific sport
  • Music themed
  • Film and TV themes, such as specific shows like Friends 
  • Generic general knowledge
  • Themed quizzes around days or events like Christmas or the Olympics


The best ways to present a pub quiz

Regardless of the type of questions included on your quiz, the way you present your quiz needs to be as simple as possible

The best way we suggest to present your pub quiz is through simple downloadable and printable quizzes. Using this type of format makes the quiz process incredibly easy for yourself, thanks to the easy to read layout of both the questions and the answers. 

We also provide sheets for your contestants to use for the answers, giving you peace of mind that your quiz rounds will all be correctly laid out. 

Most quiz goers want simple sheets that they can write on and pass round for marking, and our printable PDF templates are the best way to do that!


Tips for making a great pub quiz

Listed below are some of our top tips for making a great pub quiz:


Relevant questions

The average time for a standard pub quiz is up to two hours, which is why it’s important to consider your audience when coming up with pub quiz questions. 

Some of the factors to consider include the occupation, interests and the age of your audience. For example, if your pub is in a university town and regularly attracts students, you’ll want to tailor your quiz to this market – our guide to hosting a student quiz night might help!

You should have a good variety of topics to ensure that there is something for everyone. The questions should also vary in the level of complexity. Most players enjoy challenging questions; however, too many difficult questions may discourage the players. 

At Quiz on Demand, we create weekly quizzes which include a variety of different topics and themes, suitable for a range of different audiences. 


Include a short break

It is advisable to include a short break during a pub quiz online game. The break gives players an opportunity to reboot and refuel. 

Some players have a limited attention span and may start to lose interest if a break is not available. During the break, you can encourage teammates to get a round of drinks and some snacks.


Offer a prize

Designing your pub quiz with a prize at the end will give players something to compete for, other than the glory of winning. 

Ensure that the prize is in line with the amicable tone of your pub quiz. Your customers will feel appreciated and will be more eager to take part.


Come up with a team quiz

It is advisable to incorporate team quizzes instead of individual quizzes. Playing as a team helps to create a more enjoyable experience as people can bond and chat about the quiz experience. 

Make sure you limit the number of players per team as too many players may dilute the prizes and increase the likelihood of sneaky cheating. 


Have some rules

If not well regulated, a pub quiz may turn out to be messy. To avoid confusion and potential arguments, you should have some rules. The primary rule is that the quizmaster always has the right answer. You should also ban the use of mobile devices to prevent any chances of cheating. 

When creating a pub quiz, many people go wrong because they try to be too clever. They end up constructing intricate or convoluted questions. The secret is in understanding the interests of your target audience and tailoring the quiz to meet them.