What To Know: Pub Quiz FAQs

Pub quiz questions UK

Pub quiz questions in the UK is one of the stereotypes of an English pub, where people pay some money, create a team with a silly name and then try to get most questions correct. The beauty of pub quizzes is that they have a killer mixture of being fun and challenging and, at the same time, having a good time with friends and a steady stream of drinks.

At Quiz on Demand, we concentrate on creating quizzes and organising quiz nights. Therefore, we are pretty qualified to talk about the overall construction of quizzes.

How long and how many should the questions they be?

The number and the length of a preferred depend on the team size. Ideally, teams usually have three or five members, but in some cases, they are up to 8 per unit. The more the groups, the more the number of questions and the longer it will take and vice versa.

Regular pub quizzes will have around 50 to 80 questions, which may last for two hours, including the breaks.

What are the main subjects?

Quizzes can either be a mixture of subjects or a theme. A pub quiz includes people with different interests. Therefore, to avoid eliminating any of them, you can choose to have about eight rounds of questions that feature different subjects such as; sports, general knowledge, TV and film, science and nature, literature and music, history, geography, and others.

How hard are the questions?

Mostly, half of the pub quiz questions are usually relatively easy, and the rest half-hard questions. It ensures; each team will score some marks while the best team will not get too close to full marks.

What embellishments create quiz magic?

Staring on question sheets or screens could make the event a little stale. Therefore, most pubs and quizmasters include;

Music/ video rounds to create some relaxation moments.

Novelty rounds; include a pointless round where the team which guesses most obscure answers win some points.

Betting round; this is where a team can bet some of their points using a joker card on the right answer with a chance to earn more.

Silly questions prizes; the quizmaster could ask a joke question example, “If an animal could talk, which could be the rudest?” the answer with the biggest laugh gets a prize.

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