How to Promote your Pub Quiz Night

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Starting up a new quiz night? Here are our top tips on how to promote your pub quiz night. 


Do you need to market a pub quiz?

Yes, we highly suggest marketing your pub quiz, especially if it is your first time running one. 

Marketing your quiz might seem hard, but it is easier than you think and there are several things you can do to spread the word. After all, one of the only ways you will get participants in your quiz is by marketing it!

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How to promote a pub quiz

Listed below are some of the top ways you can promote your pub quiz. 


Get your staff talking about it 

Word of mouth is a great thing, especially when it comes from your staff members since they interact with customers on a regular basis. 

Your staff are not just there to serve, but to also build a pub community. Remind them to not only ask customers general questions but encourage them to return by saying things like “are you coming to our quiz next week?” and so on. 

They can also mention any special food or drinks offers that may be happening on the night, as well as what the quiz prize may be. 


Highlight prizes 

Speaking of prizes, it is a good idea to share what the prize actually is. While participating is great fun, a lot of people’s main focus is the prize. 

Some prize options that work well include:


  • A bar voucher
  • The entry money as the final prize
  • Bottles of wine or beer
  • Free drinks for the rest of the evening


Offer food deals

If your pub serves food, then you should be considering food specials, especially since a lot of teams may be coming in straight after work. This is a small extra incentive that will encourage people to join in on the quiz. 


Take table bookings for teams 

Encouraging teams to commit by making them book a table not only works in your favour, but it helps to create a buzz around the quiz night. For regulars, they have the peace of mind knowing they will always have a table for the quiz, whilst newcomers will be encouraged to book a table ahead of time for future quizzes. 


Ticket sales 

It’s up to you how much you charge for entrants, but having tickets to sell in advance is a good idea. Again, this will create a buzz around the event.

Whilst your staff are talking to customers about the quiz, encourage them to sell the tickets at the same time. Typical entry is £1-£2 per person, and many people are willing to pay that if they can be guaranteed a space in the quiz.


Make a Facebook events page 

Those who are regular pub goers may already be following your Facebook page (if you have one), but making an event is a great way to spread the word of the quiz. 

When you set up an event on Facebook, people can mark whether they are able to attend or not, as well as tagging other people in the event to share the word. 

Take group photos of your winning team holding the winnings and post them on social media, not forgetting to tag team members. Also, upload any engaging content from the night; funny team names, runners up, someone’s birthday, and so on.


How do you advertise a pub quiz night?


One of the easiest ways to advertise your quiz is through posters in the pub. You should be putting them in as many places as possible, from the toilet doors, to poster spaces outside, on the walls and even on the tables. A good way to know where to put the posters is to think of all the touch points in your pub. 

There is a FREE poster maker on the Quiz On Demand website – just add your details and print as many as you need.

To advertise online, think about utilising your social media. We’ve touched on using the events feature, but there are plenty of other techniques you could also use. 

For example, you could put out a tweet about the quiz and ask for the input of your customers to help determine a theme, the prize and so on. Using the input of your customers is another great way to build up the buzz. 

If you have an email database, don’t forget this to advertise your quiz. Make sure you include important details such as the prize and the theme to get people interested. 


How can you encourage people to return for future pub quiz nights?


After the quiz night, it’s important to ask for feedback. This will encourage people to return to future quiz nights and they will be aware of the fact you value their input. 

You should be taking their feedback seriously and making improvements for future quizzes, such as considering changing the difficulty or switching up the theme.

Another way is to make the quiz prizes food or drinks vouchers that are only valid for the following quiz night. That way, you get a guaranteed returning team or teams.

A different way to encourage people to return is by having a bit of friendly competition. You could create a leaderboard for the quiz season, with teams competing against each other to reach a final prize. This way, teams will be encouraged to stick around to try and reach the top of the leaderboard.