How to Pick A Theme For Your Pub Quiz

pub quiz theme

Looking to try some new quiz themes for your next pub quiz? Look no further, as we’ve created a handy guide on picking out the perfect theme. 

Whether you’re hosting in person or online, Quiz On Demand has got you covered. 

What types of pub quiz themes are there?

Realistically, you could have any theme for your pub quiz. However some of the most popular types themes for a pub quiz include:

What to consider when choosing a quiz theme

When considering what theme to go for your quiz, be wary of how niche your topics are. 

For example, making the theme too subject specific may deter people from joining in since they may not think they’d be able to answer any of the questions. Instead, opt for general quiz themes. 

If you were to choose a theme around food and drink, instead of creating a quiz on food and drink from one specific country, go for a quiz on food and drink around the world. 

This gives all participants a level playing field, and will encourage more to get involved. 

How can I make my pub quiz more interesting?

Instead of sticking to the traditional paper questions and answer format, why don’t you switch it up to more interactive rounds?

Music round

A great round that many quiz attendees look forward to is a music round. For this round, it can be as simple as playing the first 10 seconds of a song and have your participants guess what the song is. 

Alternatively, you could just play the intro and make them guess the first lyrics to the song. 

Pop Bingo round

At Quiz on Demand, we have a ‘Pop Bingo’ quiz builder that allows you to custom build bingo sheets to suit your players, their age groups and their musical abilities, with singers and bands replacing the typical numbers.

This kind of round can help to stop the ‘same winning quiz team every week’ scenario!

Wipeout round

If you’ve nailed your quiz questions, why not switch up the way the quiz is played? Take one of your final rounds and make it a wipe out round. If a team gets a question wrong, they’re knocked out and lose all the points they’ve gained in that round so far. 

Simply changing the rules of your quiz slightly and putting more at stake for winners and losers is a great way to make your pub quiz more interesting and bring out the competitive nature of participants. 

How to pick a pub quiz theme

Select the quiz platform

With many people still adopting the changes of the pandemic, quizzes can still be held over zoom, as well as in person. You could still host pub quizzes via online platforms such as Zoom, Youtube, Google Hangouts, and Skype. 

Either way, whether you choose to do it online or in person, be sure to make your event visible across social media with information about when, where and how to join.

Choose a creative topic

A subject can influence the theme that you want the pub quiz to have. Topics can range from current events to throwbacks from different genres. Often, you can select issues that are participative and require people to dress up to spice the quiz game. 

For more inspirations about the pub quiz themes, take a look at our own quizzes. We provide low-cost, high-quality quizzes for you to download and print for your next pub quiz – easy! Our quizzes save you all the hassle of sourcing questions and creating worksheets.

Create questions

After selecting the topic, you need to prepare a list of questions that are fitting with the theme. To spice the game up, you can add some interesting facts about the answers to the questions. This allows the game to be enjoyable and informative.

Advantages of buying a quiz online

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