How to Host a Christmas Themed Pub Quiz

Christmas beer

Planning a Christmas quiz night at your pub might seem daunting at first, but with Quiz on Demand’s help, you’ll be able to easily create an exciting, festive games night without the pressure of sourcing and creating your own quiz questions. 


Is a Christmas pub quiz popular?

Christmas quizzes tend to be extremely popular amongst quiz goers and those who love supporting their local pub. 


With more and more people getting in the festive spirit earlier on in the year, the build up to Christmas is a great time to entice those who are excited, as well as to even convert a few scrooges!


How to make a fun Christmas pub quiz


Start with planning

One of the first things you should do is start by planning all the different elements of your Christmas pub quiz. This includes things such as:


  • What date will you host the quiz on?
  • What food and drink will you serve?
  • Will you have any special offers? 


Don’t worry though, in this guide we’ll talk you through all the different elements you need to think about when making a fun Christmas themed pub quiz. 


Promoting your Christmas pub quiz 

There are a number of different ways you can promote your quiz, including both online and in-person. 


To promote your Christmas quiz online, you should make the most of different social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. These are great tools for spreading the word about your quiz, as well as getting other people to share it too. 


Making an event on Facebook is a great way for people to mark whether or not they’re going, and this acts as a way to encourage others to join too. People will be searching for Christmas events near them, which is why having a themed event on Facebook is a good way to attract new customers.


Promoting in person 

You should be spreading the word about your Christmas quiz in person as much as possible. It’s a good idea to encourage your staff to talk about the event, as well as putting as many posters around your pub as possible (you can use our free poster maker for this!). 


We have a full guide on how to promote your quiz night if you need any more ideas. 


Think of the music 

Again, another huge part of the build-up to Christmas is the Christmas music. Whilst playing Christmas music all night may be some peoples dream, it can be others worst nightmare. However, at Quiz on Demand, we have the perfect round to break up all the Christmas songs and get your teams back into the quizzing spirit. 


Our Pop Bingo round is an easy, fun and engaging round that will keep your quizzers on their toes. It works exactly the same as regular bingo, except the numbers are replaced by songs which you will play throughout the night. Players then mark off artists or bands from their bingo card as they hear them. 


This can be played as a separate game, with the entry proceeds going towards the final prize jackpot or simply just to the winners of the Pop Bingo round. 


Decide on your food and drink

Food and drink makes up a huge part of the Christmas period, and you can use this to your advantage when creating a Christmas pub quiz. 


Think about what food you wish to serve, and whether this is going to be a set menu or self-serve options. Many people will jump at the chance of having a Christmas dinner, and if you have the funds and facilities to do so, it can be a great addition to your quiz. 


Festive drinks you can serve include boozy hot drinks such as mulled wine or cider, as well as festive themed cocktails and mocktails that use seasonal ingredients like cinnamon and other spices. 


Advertise tables for bookings 

With a variety of different companies and families looking for activities to do at Christmas, tables at pubs and restaurants can fill up extremely quickly. This is why we suggest offering a booking system for your tables.


Not only can this create a bit of excitement around the event, it will also give you peace of mind knowing that groups are committed to showing up. 


Plan your quiz questions 

Of course, one of the main aspects about your Christmas pub quiz are the quiz questions themselves! 


There are a huge number of different quiz questions you can create for a Christmas quiz, but to take the hard work away from you, we have our very own Christmas quiz available to purchase. At Quiz on Demand, our 40 question quiz and 20 question celebrity Santa picture round is everything you need for a great night. 


We know how much stress pub owners, landlords and DJs have surrounding the actual planning of a quiz, which is why we take away the pressure of the hard question making, allowing you to focus on making your pub look and feel like a winter wonderland. 


Think of additional rounds 

If you are hosting a Christmas pub quiz, you will obviously want your quiz goers to enjoy the whole evening, not just the Q&A portion.


To keep their minds busy and teams chatting, introducing table top rounds is a great and unique quiz idea. This type of round refers to games which are commonly played on flat surfaces, and are related to board games or tile based games. 


Table top rounds are also referred to as marathon rounds, and they should be used as an additional round to keep your teams busy throughout the night. At Quiz on Demand, we offer ready to use table top sheets that feature four different quiz games. 


How will you present the quiz? 

Regardless of the type of questions you include on your Christmas Quiz Night, the way you present it all needs to be as simple as possible to prevent any confusion. 

We suggest using our downloadable and printable quizzes to keep things simple. Using this type of quiz format makes planning and organising the quiz incredibly easy for yourself, while the answering side is super easy for your quiz teams thanks to the easy layout.



What will your prize be?

Having a good Christmas themed prize at the end will give your teams something to compete for, other than the glory of winning of course. 


Try to make sure your prize is suitable for your quiz goers. You can make it as festive as you wish, or simply have the entrance fees as the final prize. 


What are good questions to include in a Christmas quiz?

The type of questions to include in your Christmas quiz are endless. This type of quiz is the perfect opportunity to go a bit out there with your questions as you have the benefit of it being a specific themed quiz. 


Many popular and rounds include the likes of:


Don’t forget, at Quiz on Demand, we do the hard work for you. Our Christmas quiz has a good mix of questions to ensure there is something for everyone, covering popular question categories such as picture rounds, movie rounds and funny christmas rounds. 

If you want to host a Christmas quiz, but you don’t just want to include questions related to Christmas, head over to our quiz shop for more pub quizzes to choose from.