10 Reasons Why you Should Host a Christmas Pub Quiz

Christmas beer

The Christmas holidays are approaching, which means it’s time to start thinking about the Christmas related events that you can host at your pub. One of the best and most fun events you can host is a Christmas themed quiz, and at Quiz on Demand, we can do all the hard work of question-making for you. 


Are Christmas quizzes popular?

Yes, Christmas quizzes are extremely popular amongst regular and newbie quiz goers, as well as those who just enjoy supporting their local pub or bar. 


More and more of us enjoy getting in the festive spirit earlier on in the year, making the build-up to Christmas the perfect time to start the festive fun. 


What are good questions for a Christmas quiz?

There are a number of different questions that you can include in your Christmas quiz, from the standard questions you would expect to see in all year round quizzes, to those which are specifically themed and slightly different from the standard quiz questions. 


If you are going to go for the standard format questions, try and make them Christmas related. For example, if you wish to do a music round, play Christmas music instead of pop songs. 


Many of the popular rounds that can be made to be Christmas themed, include:



At Quiz on Demand, we do all the hard work for you when it comes to creating a quiz. Our Christmas quiz has a good mixture of different questions, ensuring there is something for everyone who attends. This means you can get on with doing other important things, such as preparing to be the best Christmas quiz host!


Although you may be hosting a quiz around the Christmas period, it doesn’t mean that it has to be specifically Christmas related. You can head over to our quiz shop for more pub quizzes to choose from too.


Why you should host a Christmas quiz at your pub

If you’re still debating whether or not you should host a Christmas quiz, we may be able to make up your mind for you with our top 10 reasons on why you should host one.


Fun for all ages 

One of the great things about a pub quiz is that they’re great for all ages. You can attract a number of different age groups depending on how you market your quiz, and can even include extra rounds to suit everyone. 


For example, if you want to attract a wide range of people, including families with kids, why not include interactive rounds which allow the kids to be involved with something such as pass the Christmas parcel or specific cartoon picture rounds for them. 


Friendly competition

During the holiday season, people are looking for ways to connect with their friends and family. Having people connect as teams is also a great way to introduce a bit of competition. 


Your pub could have a number of different families, friendship groups and even work groups all competing to win the quiz prize. Everyone will want to win, which is what creates an exciting buzz around the pub and a competitive dynamic between teams. 


Flexible and easy to organise with Quiz on Demand 

A pub quiz is a relatively simple event that is easy to organise, especially since you can choose from our variety of quizzes at Quiz on Demand. The hardest part and most landlord’s stumbling blocks is the time it takes to source relevant, unique, fresh and fun questions, never mind them being themed to the season!


By quickly buying, downloading and printing from us, you save a great deal of time and stress, allowing you to crack on with the fun stuff, like decorating your pub!


Gets your pub name out there 

Generally speaking, you should be looking at a number of different ways to promote your pub quiz. Whether this is through social media or in-person methods, when you promote your pub quiz correctly, you are more likely to get an increased number of people attending who aren’t regulars. 


Promoting your Christmas pub quiz early on through various different methods is a great way to get your event in front of the public, as well as a mixture of different people who may be looking for a Christmas related event to attend. 


Enhances the festive atmosphere 

A good Christmas themed pub quiz can enhance the overall festive atmosphere. It provides a fun and lively atmosphere that is a welcome change for many during the busyness of the season. It’s also a great way to keep a buzz around your pub and encourage people to help you out during what can be an incredibly expensive month. 


Creates memories 

Hosting a pub quiz at Christmas time is a great way to create unforgettable memories. From funny moments to nail biting tie-breakers, the feeling of satisfaction when someone wins a Christmas quiz is likely to stick around. 


You can utilise this by pushing your future quiz nights in the new year and encourage new faces to make a return. This is also great if you know there are a few teams that are in close competition with one another. 


It can become a tradition

As your pub begins to become more well known amongst more people, there may be a higher demand for a Christmas quiz to become an annual tradition. Teams will look forward to the build-up each year for the Christmas quiz, and you could even have a running leaderboard for the year with a final grand prize winner taking their winnings at the end of the quiz. 


It works well with other pub elements 

If your pub serves food, why not pair it with the Christmas quiz? You could create specific food and drink deals for quiz goers, which will not only keep the bar staff busy, but the kitchen too. 


This is also a great opportunity for you to show off your pub food and again, get the newbies coming back to try the regular food menu once the Christmas period has passed.


Helps to create a community feel

A pub quiz is a great way to strengthen bonds between family and friends. During the holidays, the pub is a great place for people to come together, and playing a quiz is a fun way to collaborate and create happy memories that will always be associated with your pub. 


You can use unique questions 

When you host your own Christmas quiz, it means you can include any type of question you’d like. This means you don’t have to just stick to the bog standard question and answer format. 

Additional rounds such as table top quizzes are a great way to keep your teams busy throughout the night when there may be a break in the quiz, or as you gear up to start the first proper round of the quiz.