How to stop the same old winning team

Oh No! Not the same old winning team? Quiz Night is a great way to attract a regular audience, but having the same winning team every week is a real spoiler. 

There is nothing more demoralising for your quiz teams than seeing the same few teams winning week in and week out. Does your pub quiz suffers from “the same winning team every week” syndrome?

Here are a few ideas that will cut that out.

How to stop the same quiz team winning

Basically you replace your regular answer sheets with our Bingo Quiz sheets or the Blockbuster sheets. These are both FREE to download and print from the FREE STUFF page on the Quiz On Demand website.

First choose if you want to go with the BINGO QUIZ or the BLOCKBUSTERS QUIZ. There is not much difference between them, although there are more options to win even if you have a wrong answer blocking your direct route across on the Blockbusters answer sheet.

Then download your BINGO or BLOCKBUSTERS answer sheets and print-off as many as you need, not forgetting it is one sheet per quiz team, per game.

You will also need enough quiz questions, 20 questions per game. There are a great selection of current quiz questions available from the Quiz On Demand website. See pub quiz for all the current quizzes.  Ideally three or four games will take you two to two and a half hours with breaks between each round. See variety of different rounds for more help on rounds.

Add a Tabletop Round 

Table top games like Catchphrase, Dead Or Alive, Anagrams and  Spellbound would be a great additional round to your Blockbusters or Bingo quiz night. There are three brand new Table Top Quiz from Quiz On Demand… every week! Just buy, download and print off as many as you need.

Throw in a music round 

Quiz teams love music rounds just Spotify a playlist and off you go. Name the artist is a favourite or name the song title. Another one is name the first world of the song. That would cut-out the SHAZAMERS but it would take more time prepping.

 On the night.

Hand out the Bingo or Blockbuster answer sheets to each of your quiz teams and explain how to play.

You read out the questions in order. Players write their answers in any of the boxes on the game sheet along with the question number, as well as in the boxes on the left. After all 20 questions have been called, ask your teams to tear-off the slip on the left and hand it in to the Quiz Host. This is just to check if a team is called-out for cheating.

Calling out the answers. This is where the magic happens.

Call the answers in random order. Best to use a random number generator app to keep it fair set between one and twenty. There are lots of these on the app stores and they are generally free. So, for example “First question out is No.18”, then read question 18 followed by the answer. Team simply mark correct with a tick or wrong with a big X. The winner is the first team with a line of CORRECT answers ACROSS the board. On the Bingo Quiz sheet you can then play for TWO lines of correct answers OR on the Blockbusters Quiz it’s the first team to make a connection of correct answers across the board (from left to right).

Don’t forget to read out the remaining questions and ANSWERS, even after the game has finished. Your teams always like to know what the answers were and whether or not they got them right.

PRIZES. You don’t need to give prices out after every round, each win can simply be a place in the final or after each game the winning team can pick from four envelopes each containing a prize, from a bag of crisps to bar vouchers. But having that ‘booby’ prize in there only adds to the fun feel.

Will making the quiz ‘random’ put people off?

You need to be brave on this, your teams WILL grow to love it. The teams who generally win every week probably less so. But you can win then round and your teams will soon agree this is a more engaging way to host a quiz night and you will definitely have a larger turn over of teams winning the quiz.

The Bingo or Blockbusters quiz also has the added bonus that late comers can join in on the later rounds. Then those late-commers could soon become regular players.

Once again, you can get three or four games in per night. Don’t forget to take breaks, to keep the bar moving then hand out more Bingo or Blockbuster quiz sheets for the next game.

Because there is a lot of chance involved some of the teams that wouldn’t normally win will become winners, then everybody’s happy.