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At-home quizzes became hugely popular during the pandemic, but traditional pub and club quizzes have been going for years, putting a spin on the usual night out drinking. 

With more people looking to host their own quizzes, virtual quizzing has come out on top; friends and family are now competing over zoom, house party, Facebook and other video calling apps.

No matter whether you’re a pub landlord hosting a games night, a dinner party host or an online whiz, we’ve got you covered with quality quizzes and ideas for the perfect rounds to suit you.

Pub Quiz round ideas

Some accessible, fun pub quizzes include general knowledge quizzes, film quizzes and football quizzes.

Using the same questions repeatedly can lead to fatigue. Luckily, there are several ways to spice up your pub quiz! Use the inspirations discussed in this article to improve your games nights. Have a look and learn how to be true quizmasters!

Music rounds

Do you know the lyrics to popular songs well? Here is where you can apply it. A music round is a great way to lift the vibe in a pub quiz.

To make the music round, play intro music for a few seconds and ask players to guess the song’s title, artists or the upcoming lyrics. Theme your song choices, and do not tell the players of the song.

Kids quiz

This quiz is also known as baby photos. This round is ideal for celebrities, or even friends and players! To play the quiz, show a baby photo or picture to the group. Ensure no single member of the group has a hint of the photo. The group will have the task of selecting the owner of the photograph.

Film round

You can host quizzes about characters from a range of films. Get pictures of details of characters from a series and ask players to guess the TV series or the movie.

Football quiz

Show a vast knowledge and deep passion for football for those football-mad punters. For the football quiz round, ask players to identify the king of football or the star in the league, or download our 20 Q&A and 20 football picture quiz pack!

Other unique quiz round ideas that work great in a pub include:

  • Guessing the recipe
  • Naming the landmarks
  • Snap round
  • Synonyms
  • Imagine the leading voice
  • Logo rounds


Virtual quiz round ideas

These quiz round ideas would be perfect over video!

Picture rounds

Picture rounds are great for virtual quizzes since you can have different slides with different pictures on, which is super easy to create.

There are various topics that this round could be about, including guessing the celebrity, what happens next or even what film is the still image from. 


Similar to the picture round, you could show images, videos or soundbites from old-school adverts, songs and so on. This is especially great if you’re making a quiz for older generations or care homes who would love a round reminiscent of their life. 


Another round which is great for a virtual slideshow quiz is an anagram round. On each slide, simply present an anagram and even some clues if you’re feeling generous. 

You could make subject specific anagrams like celebrity names, foods or songs. We suggest wedging in a quieter round like this one in between rounds which involve music or video clips. 

Grab an object 

Since virtual quizzes can last a while, it can be a good idea to get your participants moving about. A good way to do this is by instructing your participants to grab an unusual object, and the first to bring it back and show it on screen wins the point. 

You could also just instruct them to collect regular household items like spoons, toilet paper or even a houseplant. 

Kid friendly quiz round ideas

Quizzing with children? Here are some perfect quiz ideas that the little ones will love!

Disney round

One thing we know kids love is Disney. You could dedicate a round of your kids quiz to all things Disney related, such as matching the characters name to the face, guessing what film a character is from or guessing what songs come from which film. 


A great way to get your kids’ brains ticking is by having an animal round. For a more interactive round, you could play some soundbites of different animal sounds and have the kids guess what animal it is. 


Another great way to keep your kids learning while having fun is to incorporate a geography round. The round could be focused around landmarks, continents or even incorporated with the animal round. 

Care home quiz round ideas

Quizzes are really great for the elderly and can liven up a care home on activity day!

Old films

A great way to get the older generation involved in quizzes is by choosing categories that they can relate to and reminisce about. 

To do this, you could dedicate a round to old films by either showing stills of the film or describing the film and have your participants guess what the film is. 

General knowledge 

General knowledge trivia is very popular for seniors in care homes as it is a great way to keep training their memory. 

Questions can be super simple from the most basic of general knowledge questions, to more advanced ones as well. 

Holiday specific 

To make quizzes relevant to the specific time of year, you could add in a round in relation to approaching holidays. For example Easter, Halloween and Christmas

Dinner party quiz round ideas

Hosting your own fancy dinner party? Here are the best types of quiz rounds to cover.

How well do you know each other 

A really easy quiz round is to get everyone to submit five questions about themselves and dedicate each round to that person. Have a few questions like finish the story, family specific questions and even a photo round. 

Most likely to

Similar to the drinking game, you can ask your guests a ‘most likely to’ question and they will have 5 seconds to write down who they think best fits the answer on a piece of paper. 

Everyone flashes their card and whoever gets the same answer as the quizmaster wins a point. 

Finish the lyric 

Start playing some recognisable songs and take turns for your guests to sing the next lyric. Alternatively, you could do this one as a somewhat buzzer round with the first guest to sing the lyric to win the point. 

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