Virtual Pub Quiz Platforms To Use

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The big pub quiz question!

Why do we love a pub quiz so much, you may ask? The answer may be as complicated as; quizzes give us an insight into ourselves, the shovel that removes the top layer and uncovers who we are. Or the answer is simple; playing top pub quiz questions keeps us in contact with our friends and loved ones, and what could be more important than that!

So, how do you play a pub quiz online?

It’s best to let one person nominate a media platform, at least a day in advance. Doing this stops any confusion among participants. The most popular virtual pub quiz platforms are;

  • Zoom; very popular at the moment, even though it got some bad press over privacy issues. Zoom responded by updating the platform and resolved the problem.
  •  Microsoft Teams; similar to Skype but with loads more functions added to it.
  •  Skype; initially made available by Microsoft in 2003 and still one of the most popular platforms out there.
  •  House Party; extremely mobile-friendly, therefore, most people will have no problem using it.
  •  FaceTime; bought by Apple from FaceTime Communications and updated since, allowing up to 32 participants to take part in a video call.

Where do you get top pub quiz questions?

The answer to that question is to try our themed quizzes online, where there are up to 10 new quizzes released every week. And not only that, but you are also able to choose what type of quiz you want. For example, there are tabletop quizzes, pop bingo and a multitude of sports and general knowledge pub quiz questions to select. What’s more, Quiz On Demand love to facilitate fundraising nights, letting you and your mates have fun and raise money for a good cause as well!

Why you should use Quiz On Demand

There’s much fluff out there on the internet, so it’s good to find a site that does what it says; it gives you downloadable quiz questions when you want. And that’s not the only benefit, because as soon as you log into, you will find;

  • Easy downloadable and printable quiz questions
  • A whole range of quizzes to choose from
  • Easy payment options
  • New pub quiz questions released every week

So, there you have it! Quiz On Demand, the perfect companion for you and your pub quiz buddies. Check our quizzes out to see how smart your friends and family really are!