How to Use Quizzes to Engage Work From Home Employees

Since the pandemic, there has been an increased number of companies who allow their employees to work from home. But what can you do if you feel like your remote team members are beginning to become less engaged?


At Quiz on Demand, we have a great selection of workplace quizzes that are perfect for using both in person and online, helping to keep your employees engaged and motivated. 


Can you make a work quiz fun?

Yes, there are several ways you can make a work quiz fun. Some of the quickest and easiest ways you can make your work quiz fun is by doing the following:




How do you engage team members working from home?

A good way to engage your team members who are working from home is by making use of the technology you have and hosting regular virtual team activities such as quizzes, trivia and even virtual coworking. 


Introduce virtual quizzes

Virtual quizzes are a great addition to any virtual meeting, whether you wish to open your meeting with one, have a mid-way break or end on a positive note. 


Whenever you use a virtual quiz, be sure it is something that will help to engage your team and encourage them to stay consistent with their work. Afterall, a bit of encouragement and some light relief can go a long way with your remote employees. 


Celebrate all types of wins 

When your employees are working from home, it can be hard to properly celebrate any wins they’ve had. As a manager you can encourage, motivate and inspire your staff by highlighting their wins, no matter how small they are. 


Public shoutouts are just as important as private encouragement, which is why introducing a dedicated Slack or Teams channel for this praise can help to make your employees feel valued and will encourage others to support one another. 


Encourage catch ups with colleagues 

Instant messaging and emails are efficient, but they don’t always give much insight into how someone is really feeling. 


Encouraging your employees to communicate with each other via video calls is a great way for them to make genuine workplace connections whilst still maintaining the casual nature of working remotely. 


What kind of quizzes can team members do from home?

There are a huge number of different quizzes your team members can do from home, and with Quiz on Demand’s help, you don’t need to worry about taking the time to research and create a quiz.



General knowledge quizzes 

General knowledge quizzes are one of the simplest and most fun types of quiz that you can easily make into a virtual quiz. Although some questions may seem easy for some, for others they may be much trickier. 


This type of quiz is also a great way for your team to converse about their interests and showcase their unique knowledge in different areas. 


Picture quizzes 

Many video calling systems allow you the ability to share your screen, making them ideal for hosting a picture quiz.


For this, many people try to make a slideshow of the pictures they wish to show and slowly go through them with the team. However, our pictures quizzes take away all of this work! Simply pick your picture quiz pack, download and present the PDF on your screen to your team, or send them the question-only sheet for them to look at. Easy!


Themed quizzes

No matter how regularly you hold video calls for your team, mixing up the type of quiz you do can help to prevent your employees from getting quiz fatigue. Themed quizzes are a great way to tap into your employees’ unique knowledge and get them ready for specific holidays, such as Christmas and world events like the World Cup. 


Table Top rounds

A slightly different quiz you could add onto your virtual meeting are table top quizzes. There are a huge variety of different table top rounds to choose from, making them ideal for team members who have a mix of interests. 


Our table top rounds at Quiz on Demand are incredibly easy to use. All you need to do is download our ready to use PDF and send the questions across to your team members ready for your virtual call. If you want a longer quiz, we have a guide to help you figure out when to include your table top rounds. 



How to use quizzes to engage employees working from home

Team building

Hosting virtual quizzes can help your team to connect even when they’re working remotely. By creating huddle rooms or groups, you can split your team into smaller teams, allowing them to work through the questions together. This can help to encourage team members who don’t normally speak to one another to start more conversations between themselves, not just during the quiz or meetings. 


If you would prefer to quiz as one big group, you could even throw in some trivia about the team themselves by asking them in advance to provide their own questions, such as 2 truths 1 lie. 


Encourage competition

In the same way quizzes help to encourage team building, they also help to promote a little bit of friendly competition which can really help to promote employee engagement.

Having a running leaderboard until a certain point, such as each quarter, can help employees to become more vocal and interested in participating in group activities- especially if they know a prize is at stake!


Alternate the hosts 

If you ever had quiz zoom calls during lockdown, you’ll know that the general rule was to have a different host every week. By changing your quiz host every week, this helps to give your employees a chance to be creative with their own quiz and encourage them to speak and present in front of the team. Not only does this create competition for who will have the best quiz, but it will also encourage team members to be more involved with your virtual team activities. 

Your team could make their own quiz each week, or you could send them to our quiz shop. This way all they will need to do is choose a quiz that they like the look of, download it and be ready to present it in your virtual meeting.

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